Bosquet Family Baby Blessing

Simple and sweet is pretty much how you sum up an LDS baby blessing. It doesn't take very long, but there is depth and meaning as the father gives his baby an official name in the church and a blessing specifically tailored to the divine nature of that child. I love everything about how personal it is, but it's even sweeter when you know that the baby being blessed is a miracle to that family. The Bosquet family has waited a very long time for Jack Thomas to join them and I feel privileged to have been a part of this special day in even just a small way.  

Bosquet Blessing-8.jpg

The Ivins Family: Quintessential Seattle

To me, the Ivins family represent everything good about Seattle. They are down-to-earth, real people with big hearts. They also love this city, the donuts, the food and of course, the Seahawks. It just made sense to capture them with the quintessential Seattle city skyline view for their photo shoot this year. The famous Kerry Park view is also part of their neighborhood, so for them it wasn't so much touristy as it was familiar and part of everyday life. But let's be honest, who's looking at the skyline with this cute family in the foreground! I just love them to pieces!


The Greens: Friends + Family

It's alway funny when I explain my relationship to the Green family. Tamanna is indirectly related to me as my sister-in-law's sister, a relationship that wouldn't necessarily warrant frequent contact or interaction, but family nonetheless. Her, Carter and their son live in the Seattle area as well and happen to be the coolest people ever! Our random connection is enough for us to bother them more often than not and consider them good friends. They came with us this last weekend to Wenatchee and we put together a sweet and simple family photo shoot in my mother's backyard. We've since nicknamed them our "framily" (friends + family) because they fall into both categories and we love them so!

Grandparents & Grandbabies

Parents and extended family play such an important role in the lives of our immediate families, especially when a new baby is added to the bunch. As a gift, Wendy wanted to capture some photos of her newborn and toddler with the grandparents, so they could remember these sweet days of visiting, holding and cuddling their grandbabies. Each picture reminds me of the strong bond between generations of families and the simple wisdom that passes from one to the other and back again, as we learn to take care of each other.

Oma & Opa


Three Generations

Grandma Smith

All together now!

Wendy Family LR-66.jpg

Big Brother & Little Sister

Four Generations of Womanhood

When I first met Shelley, I knew immediately that she was an incredible mother. She was constantly putting her family first and helping her daughter and granddaughter as much as she could. There's really nothing quite like the mother/daughter/grandmother bond, but when you add the great-grandmother in too, well, it's just simply splendid. To see it all come together in this photoshoot was something of an honor for me to witness. Four generations of strength, wisdom and womanhood. 

Barnes Four Generation LR-30.jpg
Barnes Four Generation LR-31.jpg

Markell + Jordan: Parents to be

I've collaborated with Markell several times now on various projects, but this is the first time I've had the privilege of capturing her beautiful smile through my lens. Her and Jordan are 1. Incredibly photogenic 2. Literally glowing in some of these shots and 3. Going to be the best parents ever. I can't wait to see their BABY BOY!

Most of the photo shoots I do are just for fun when I have the time, but it's truly a pleasure to be a part of these kinds of moments in my friend's lives. The quote we chose for the shoot says, "Love is making space in your life for someone else" (Neill F. Marriott). Mothers literally make space in their bodies for the children they bring into the world. Here's to making space in our lives for the ones we love.

The Mahler Family: Atlanta, GA

I spent a week in Atlanta, GA visiting my sister and brother and their families. We decided very last minute to throw together a photo shoot of my sister's family. The only time they could squeeze it in was the day I was leaving in the morning before her husband went to work and her son went to preschool. It was seriously a miracle it even happened, which makes me smile even more when I look at these photos. So much work and craziness happens to pull these shoots off and I sometimes wish I had a second set of arms and camera gear to capture all the behind the scenes action.

Mahler Family LR-19.jpg

The Turk Family: West Point Lighthouse

After rescheduling due to rain, it was such a relief to wake up the morning of the Turk family shoot to sun pouring through the windows. Little did I know how freezing cold it can be even when it's sunny! This adorable family of five were all troopers and pulled out their best smiles, despite the bone-chilling wind around West Point Lighthouse. Of course, the promise of treats at the end of the shoot didn't hurt either. Never underestimate the power of donuts!

Turk Family LR-16.jpg
Turk Family LR-17.jpg
Turk Family LR-21.jpg
Turk Family LR-19.jpg
Turk Family LR-20.jpg
Turk Family LR-22.jpg
Turk Family LR-27.jpg
Turk Family LR-28.jpg
Turk Family LR-29.jpg
Turk Family LR-30.jpg
Turk Family LR-32.jpg